Thursday, December 23, 2010

Umm, not sure what day it is anymore...

Well, most of the cabinets are installed. My stove was picked up and installed yesterday. It looks great. They came out to template for the counter tops yesterday but we ran into a little problem today. The cabinet that's adjacent to the stove on the left side doesn't clear the stove. This means that the drawer and door could not be opened. So, my contractor decided to pull out out those cabinets 4 3/4" from the wall to correct it. This means a narrower path to walk through from the kitchen to the living room but my contractor assured me it was enough space (about 40"). So now they have to come out and template again, for an additional fee of course. That's scheduled for Wednesday, Jan 5th. Therefore the earliest my counter top will be installed would be the last week of January. Painting is schedule for Monday. 

I took the cabinet that needed the glass insert over to a local glass place. He asked me what kind of glass I wanted. I told him the clear, glassy kind. (what other kinds are there?) I think he liked that. I thought it would be expensive but it's only $20. I even got the shatterproof glass. He said he wouldn't charge me labor so it must be an easy job. That should be ready for pickup Monday. Assuming it's not blizzard conditions, I'll go pick that up. 

I also found the correct bulbs for my 5 inch light housings and trim. I originally bought the wrong size bulbs. If I had read the package this would have been obvious.

Another nice thing my contractor did was put the box for the under cabinet lighting in the cabinets. So he cuts a small hole in the cabinet and you can't see it. I like those little details.

Well probably no new posts 'till after Christmas. 

Merry Christmas everyone!

This is how far out the cabinets had to come in order to open the drawer and door next to the stove.

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