Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 6 (week # 2) - I'm floored

Sort of...the floor is down, but not yet grouted. They decided to put up dry wall today and close up the wall where most of the cabinets will go. They also did the wiring and  the cutouts for the recessed lighting.

One thing I noticed a few days ago was where the brick meets the wall...there are gaps. You can see (especially at night) where the light from the hallway comes right in. I sure hope there is a plan to seal that up. I don't know how but I have to imagine they can do that, it's a little creepy.

There's a light coating of white powder over pretty much everything now. I have to wash my bathroom floor every day. They did cover everything in my living room with plastic. I asked them to put some plastic on the hallway entrance to the bedrooms. I think that it's helping with the dust.

I ordered my faucet online last night and purchased my stove and microwave over the weekend. I ended up going to State Street Discount in Portsmouth, NH for the appliances. They were friendly and knowledgeable and I think I got a good deal. I got the bisque stove I wanted with a few extra features. The microwave was on sale. Hopefully those will get picked up and installed  this week.

I have yet to pick out paint colors, I'm thinking I'll do that on Friday or maybe over the weekend.

I think the most dramatic difference will be the lighting. I only had 1 fixed ceiling light...a small light bulb in the stove hood and 1 under cabinet light I installed myself over the sink, that's it! Now I'm getting 6 recessed lights (75 watts) and under cabinet lighting for all the cabinets. I haven't picked those up yet, another Christmas present to myself I'll likely pick up this weekend. Dave, got any recommendations?

Ok, gotta write out my Christmas Cards. Hopefully will have some really cool pictures to share this week. In the meantime look for my day 6 pictures to see what the living room looks like.


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  1. For undercabinet lighting I would stay away from the round "hockey puck" halogen lights as they get too hot. They are dimable which a lot of people like. If price is a concern I like to stick with the slim flourescent fixtures which cast a nice light but are not dimable. Take it a step further and install these nice LED lights from Philips They are awesome and easy to install. If you only have a few upper cabinets it could be worth it to use these but my personal opinion is that they are not worth the added expense unless you are either wealthy or very picky about your lighting.
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