Thursday, January 6, 2011

Friday Dec 31st through Thursday Jan 6th

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay. I'm finally getting around to updating my blog. I'm happy to report there has been much progress made on my kitchen. I'm VERY happy.

The biggest change is that all of my cabinets are now installed and I can actually walk through my living room now. Here are a couple of shots of my kitchen on New Year's Eve:
Put on your sunglasses, it's bright in here!
Lights are on at full blast and I used a flash so it's super bright.

The space for my fridge was framed out but it was a tight fit.The panel on the left was a bit bowed and the cabinet went right up to the brick.
fridge before
 So they added a spacer to the right of the cabinet and extended the space out a bit to the left. Now I have the option of buying a bigger fridge.
fridge after

You might remember I had an issue with the cabinet not clearing the stove. Well that was also corrected. Both cabinets were pulled out about 4 inches so that I could open both the stove and cabinet doors.

cabinet BEFORE
cabinet AFTER

 My electrical box was framed out so I could cover it with a picture

I found a nice medallion to cover up the spot that remained after the old lighting fixture was removed

Trim detail was added

I picked up the door from my local glass place and it got installed.
And for the big finish, today the molding, light rails and face plates were installed. It looks gorgeous!



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